The KBHAC Vision

Kinchela Boys’ Home Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC) aims to assist Kinchela men, their families and communities recover their identity, dignity and well-being. This includes full-as-possible reconnections of members to families, communities, culture and land.

KBHAC recognizes the legacy of, not only, members’ experiences of removal, but also the physical, sexual, emotional and cultural abuse arising from members’ experiences in Kinchela Boys Home.

A strong focus of KBHAC programmes will be the healing and wellbeing of unresolved trauma and suffering. This includes inter-generational effects. KBHAC works to empower KBH members to take more control of their own future and assist them to improve the quality of their lives.

KBHAC also works with Ability Link NSW to assist people with disability to be valued and equal members of their communities and to help build a society where people with disability enjoy inclusive lives.
You can find out more about our work with Ability Links NSW here.

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Why Song

Why was I taken from my family
to be stripped of my culture, my identity,
to be told I wasn't black,
I was just darker than the rest
why, tell me why

I was placed in a government home
through no fault of my own even though
with all the other kids I still felt so alone,
the touch of a mother's love I never knew why

Why did they tell me oh such lies
to say I had no family,
that I was an only child
the touch of a mother's love I never knew
why, maybe you can tell me why

Music and lyrics by Roy Read © 1999