The KBHAC Vision

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC) was established by the survivors of Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Training Home (KBH), a ‘home’ run by the NSW Government for over 50 years (1924 – 1970) to house Aboriginal boys forcibly removed from their families.

KBHAC is a not-for-profit Aboriginal community controlled organisation. Led by the KBH survivors and their families, KBHAC encourages and supports sustainable healing programs that address the legacy of physical, sexual, psychological and cultural abuse experienced by the KBH survivors as well as the intergenerational trauma experienced by their descendants.

Our vision is to improve the social, emotional, cultural and spiritual wellbeing of the KBH survivors and their families in meaningful ways.

This requires a focus on issues of persistent grief, trauma and intergenerational trauma as experienced by each KBH survivor and his family.

KBHAC is committed to empowering positive, healthy peer support models that enable KBHAC and other Aboriginal community members to experience greater social inclusion in community life. These models address the reconstruction of identity and restoration of family structures.

KBHAC also provides the Ability Link NSW program to assist people with disability to be valued and equal members of their communities, support their carers and families and to help build a society where people with disability enjoy…

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Why Song

Why was I taken from my family
to be stripped of my culture, my identity,
to be told I wasn't black,
I was just darker than the rest
why, tell me why

I was placed in a government home
through no fault of my own even though
with all the other kids I still felt so alone,
the touch of a mother's love I never knew why

Why did they tell me oh such lies
to say I had no family,
that I was an only child
the touch of a mother's love I never knew
why, maybe you can tell me why

Music and lyrics by Roy Read © 1999