About Us

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC) has been operational since 2001. This happened as a result of a group of  Kinchela Boys Home (KBH) survivors approaching World Vision Australia to help them reunite the KBH ‘brothers’ and to assist with the development of an organisation that would be open to all KBH survivors, their descendants and immediate families.

The memories of the harsh treatment and cruelty that many of the men experienced while in KBH continue to haunt them. The trauma they underwent can still be felt today. Notwithstanding this pain and trauma, the KBH survivors have been undeterred in their quest for justice, acknowledgement and healing. They have maintained a strong brotherhood that developed while they were in KBH which helped them survive their time there. This brotherhood continues to provide them with strength and support today.

Healing for the KBH survivors comes in the knowledge that their work in growing KBHAC is a way to support one another and their families. KBHAC is a legacy they want to leave for their descendants who struggle with the intergenerational trauma they have experienced.

KBHAC aims to help members of the Stolen Generations take control of their own future. We are committed to empowering postive, healthy peer support models that enable KBHAC and other Aboriginal community members to experience greater social inclusion in community life. These models address the reconstruction of identity and restoration of family structures.

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