KBHAC seeks to reconnect members of the Stolen Generations to their families, clans and communities. It works to restore and reconstruct cultural identity, pride and self-worth. KBHAC aims to help members of the Stolen Generations take control of their own future. It is committed to improving members’ health and well-being by addressing persistent grief and trauma related to removal and experiences following removal. Just as importantly, it addresses those issues that affect members’ families and communities across the generations. By continuing to develop a range of positive approaches, KBHAC will work in sustainable and manageable ways for a better future.

KBHAC will be calling on the support of all Australians to help advance its vision and goals. ‘Calls to action’ will be made as we role out specific campaigns. Please fill in our contact form so you can be added to our supporter base and receive our KBHAC newsletters.

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