Official Kinchela Boys Home 90th Anniversary Commemoration Event

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation will be hosting the 90th Anniversary Commemoration of the opening of Kinchela Boys Home and honouring the memory of all the Stolen Generation Children who were apart of the home.

The 90th Anniversary Commemoration event is set to be a huge 3 day event for not only the local Aboriginal Community but also the broader community of Kempsey itself and surrounding towns of the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Many survivors of Kinchela Boys Home along with the families and descendants of previous Kinchela men who are no longer with us today will be travelling to the scenic river town along side the Macleay River to take part in this Significant event.

While the weekend undoubtedly will have many stories of sorrow, sadness and despair of what life was like in the home; the weekend will bring about a journey of reflection, growth, survival and most importantly- HEALING.

 This event will be a Healing process not just for the men of Kinchela Boys Home, but their families, their friends, the community of Kemspey surrounding Kinchela Boys home and the many people who have been influenced one way or another by the stories, lives, strength, survival and fighting spirit of a Stolen Generation Child.

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation is extending an invitation to all members of the community both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal whether you be local or out of state to show your support and take part and be present amongst the many events set to happen about town for the 3 days.

 The Schedule of Events to occur are:


12 Noon

90th Exhibition Launch @

DNAAG Art Gallery


South West Rocks School

Site Recognition Ceremony



Official 90th Commemoration

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal

Corporation event at Kinchela


90th Commemoration

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal

Corporation Official Dinner Dance



90th Commemoration

Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal

Corporation Community Touch Footy Match

12 Noon

Community Barbeque

Everyone Welcome

If you are or know of a Kinchela Boys Home man or descendant/family member, please refer them to this email and to contact us immediately to register with us for the event.

If you require further information regarding, Media Access, a Media Release and Publicity of the event, please direct all your queries to our Event and Marketing Co-ordinator (Contact:

Any further Info on how your organisation can be involved, Teams to play at the Community Touch Football Match and how to obtain an Information Stall for your Organisation/Company, Kinchela Boys Home Info, Travel and Accommodation Info for Kempsey if you are travelling from out of the area for the event please do not hesitate to contact us for an information package.

You can stay up to date with further info for the event and our Corporation by joining our official mailing list:

We look forward to seeing you all at the 90th Anniversary Commemoration event.

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