Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation

Support & Services

KBHAC works with partner organisations to identify the major issues of health and well-being for its members arising from removal and institutionalisation. Together with our partners, we develop ways to heal the consequences of traumatic loss and grief, as well as the violence, abuse and difficulties with identity common to many men’s experience of life in Kinchela Boys Home.

We are currently addressing those issues that require immediate attention. Over time, a full range of programmes relevant to an improved quality of life for KBH men and their families and communities will be developed. These will be introduced in a staged way, as funding and the build-up of the KBHAC organisation allow. By pioneering effective ways to support a diverse range of Aboriginal people who were removed, KBHAC will make a major contribution to meeting the needs of other members of the Stolen Generations.

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